Mountain Biking

Mountain biking involves riding specially designed bikes for handling rough terrain. It can be utter joy riding a mountain bike down steep rocky ground. Am I going to crash? Will I make it down this hill? My heart is beating a mile a minute. It definitely is a natural high when your flying down your local mountain biking trail.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

You might be asking yourself right now, what all do I need to get started? Good question. First, obviously you will need a bike. If you can afford it, a little better quality bike is optimal. This is for several reasons. You want to be comfortable to an extent as you are sitting on the saddle of your bike, which entails good seat cushion and flexibility of the saddle. Yes, some bikes do have somewhat of a shock absorber. Speaking of shock absorbers, you may want a bike with a front fork and rear absorption. Something like a K2 Lithium Bike. If that is out of your budget range, don’t worry, you can give up some comfort and still experience the thrill of mountain biking.

Secondly, you will need accessories to go with your mountain biking expedition. This involves a water bottle, helmet, possibly a backpack for those longer trips, maybe a bike tire pump, in case you have a slight leak, and lastly someone to go with you to enjoy all the fun your going to have.That last part your going to have to find for yourself, can’t help you there.

Finally, you will need to find some good bike trails. You can Google search for trails in your area, or mountain bike clubs. If you still are having a hard time finding good accessible trails, your local mountain bike dealers might know a few. There are a ton of resources at your disposal for finding that perfect trail for experiencing the exhilaration of mountain biking.

Experience the Joy!

Experience the joy. What are you waiting for? Go out, beg, borrow or steal, and get a mountain bike. Just kidding, don’t steal one. But get a mountain bike, some necessities, and a friend maybe. Find a great local trail to climb, and start mountain biking. Most of this can be found at K2 Mountain Bike. You’ll have to find a friend and a trail yourself. Good luck, and get mountain biking.