Mountain Bike Rides

“If you did not bleed you did not have a good ride mate!” Statements like this can give a beginner rider a pause. However, mountain biking can offer a variety of experiences for all levels of enthusiasts without the necessity of blood transfusions after each ride. Unless of course, bleeding is a requirement. Here is why you are about to experience a great adventure sport.

1. Adrenaline. The surge of adrenaline is every adventurers dream as it fills the thirst for something extreme. Mountain bike rides take cycling to a whole new level by imparting biking skills and techniques that are alien to your conventional bicycling around the block. A lot of skill is utilized while traversing through challenging bike trails, where common nature elements such as terrain, fallen tree branches, mud puddles and rocks become obstacles to completing your trail blaze. Speed is another element that utilizes special skills only developed through mountain biking. The proper knowledge of bike handling, body positioning and balance can result to the fastest way to traverse on wheels less the crash and speed ticket.

2. Push yourself to the limit. Just when you are about to give up, you discover that you can still pitch in an energy surge or two towards that trail finish. This is one of the common statements from enthusiasts. Commonly a group sport, seldom would you see a rider all by himself, he would usually be part of a riding group or have a bike buddy in tow. Mountain biking promotes motivation and encouragement among riders, this fact provokes a rider to stretch his physical limits, as he discovers the true essence of mind over body in that quest for personal achievement.

3. Why mountain bike? Because you can! It is an adventure sport that primarily starts with basic biking skills. If you can balance on a bicycle while it is moving then you’re on your way to an experience of a lifetime. Biking skills are developed through time and practice, a source of discipline and learning while having fun.

4. Mountain riding is the friendliest competition on two wheels. Usually adventure sports entail more competition than a regular sport. This is because they involve extreme physical activities to be the highest, fastest, farthest, longest, all in superlative form. Despite the intense competition, biking is one of the very few where you would find genuine camaraderie. One unusual scenario before a competition would be competitors exchanging trail experiences, bike mechanical techniques, best practices and the like. It is a true adventure sport where real “sportsmen” are honed.

5. No two trails have the same story. Every mountain bike ride results to a lot of things, accomplishments, discoveries and most of all fresh biker tales. Every single ride that a biker does tells a new story of a personal adventure and new experience. Expect that no two tales are alike. To an enthusiast each new trail to ride on is another top experience tale in the making. Mountain biking rewards you with a new experience to buzz about till that next ride.

6. Discover and rediscover your passion for the outdoors. Mountain biking is one of the few adventure sports that you can enjoy in almost any weather conditions. Enjoy the same trail in different scenarios, wet, dry or with frost. With options enabling you to specialize your bike for some weather specific requirements, one would surely agree it is a great way to get that adrenalin rush as you awe at the beauty of the great outdoors.

7. Mountain biking is an AA sport. It is adventure with advocacy. Since the founding of the International Mountain Bicycling Association in 1988, associations around the world have taken on the advocacy of trail preservation and conservation. Building trails that do not disrupt the balance of nature and wildlife is the primary concern, alongside strategic planning and construction advice for countries and locations that are interested in building bike trails.